Remove WiseConvert Toolbar (Uninstall Instructions)

WiseConvert toolbar, another toolbar from the very active toolbar creators at Conduit, is an add-on to your browser that not only provides a search box but also hijacks your browser, altering the way it performs and redirecting searches that you try to make in other search engines to their search engine at It also displays unwanted ads and changes your homepage to All of these changes, while not… Read Article →

How To Remove JZip Toolbar

Jzip Toolbar is part of a malware threat called Jzip that attacks Windows based systems. It is a malicious program that attempts to perform identity theft and exploit users. It also slows down systems, results in frequent popups and modifies your browser and firewall systems. It can end up on your computer through infected file sharing, spam e-mails, or as part of a bundled freeware program, and so on. Seeking… Read Article →

Remove toolbar (Removal Guide)

Has your browser recently been hijacked by the toolbar? If so, then you are probably very motivated to get rid of it. The good news is that this toolbar poses no real danger to your computer; the bad news is that it gets in the way and may take up valuable real estate on your computer screen, popping up at times when you don’t want or need it. Here’s… Read Article →

Remove FLV Runner Toolbar (Removal Guide)

Is your browser afflicted with a new and unwanted toolbar like the FLV Runner Toolbar? If so, then you probably want to get rid of it as soon as possible. This toolbar is yet another member of the dreaded Conduit family of toolbars, and once it is installed, it can perform unwanted tasks such as redirects and changing your search engine. On the surface, this toolbar features a search box,… Read Article →

Remove Alot Toolbar and (Removal Guide)

The Alot Toolbar, classified as semi-malicious due to its hijacking effects on your browser, is a very annoying addition to your browser, indeed. If you have installed the Alot Toolbar, either knowingly or unknowingly, you may find your homepage changed to the Alot page, and you also may experience unwanted redirects designed to steer you toward associated products. Interested in getting this piece of malware off your computer for good?… Read Article →